$1 Pro DNS hosting

Pricing from as low as $1 per domain per year.
Start with 2 DNS hosting units:

  • $10/year
  • Up to 10 DNS zones (domain names).
  • Up to 100 DNS records.
  • Up to 5 million DNS queries per month.

Then add as many extra units as you need for $5/year each.
Each unit will get you:

  • Up to 5 DNS zones.
  • Up to 50 DNS records.
  • Up to 2.5 million DNS queries per month.

This scales to any number of zones and records needed.

Pricing in USD

Free DNS hosting

  • 1 DNS zone (domain name).
  • Up to 10 DNS records.
  • Up to 1 million DNS queries per month.
  • It's free!

Why Zonomi?

  • Bullet-proof reliability

    Zonomi operate name servers in New York, Dallas, Auckland and London.

  • Instant updates

    When you change a DNS record each name server is updated immediately.  Unlike traditional name servers you do not need to wait minutes or hours for the change to propagate.

  • Easy to setup

    Enter a name, an IP address, press a button and your DNS setup work is done. Save hours or days setting up your own DNS service on your own servers. Or struggling with your domain registrar's user unintuitive interface.

  • Dynamic DNS

    You can use our simple HTTP URL API for dynamic DNS updates.

Zonomi DNS hosting features

  • Fully redundant, fault-tolerant, reliable name servers

    Many domain owners run their own DNS, on the server their DNS points to.  If that server goes down, it then becomes very time consuming to change your DNS to point anywhere else.  So you should always run your DNS on a different server than the one to which it points to.  The Zonomi name servers are spread around the globe (London, Dallas, New York and Auckland). Making it tolerant to network or power failures in any one particular data center.

  • Easy-to-use interface

    Used by thousands of users on over 30 thousand domains.

  • Instant updates

    Our name servers are powered by PowerDNS, a very popular and powerful DNS product. Rather than 'flat files', it can use a database back end.  Making it very efficient, capable of handling a huge number of domains and responding instantly to DNS lookup queries.  We use database replication to propagate DNS record changes to all our name servers instantly.

  • Low TTLs, for when your details change often

    Time-to-live (TTL) settings control how long a client will cache your DNS records.  Lower TTL values will enable you to change your IP addresses more quickly.  This is essential if you are using techniques like DNS failover.  Or if you are using a dynamic IP (e.g.  a IP dynamically assigned to you by your ISP) to host public service (like a website)with a domain name.

  • Wildcard domain names

    You can add in 'wildcard' records.  Like *.example.com so that any sub-domain in your domain zone can have an IP address.

  • No setup fees, contracts, or commitments

    Sign up.  Use the service.  No obligation.  Get free DNS hosting for your domain.  Only provide credit card details or pay any money if you need one of our higher end professional DNS hosting plans.

  • Any DNS record type

    Enter whatever records types you need: A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, PTR, SRV, TXT (e.g.  SPF). You name it.

  • Dynamic DNS

    Use a basic HTTP GET request to update your domain's IP address.


    Running a hosting company? Or need to automate the creation of new zones or updating of DNS records? We provide an easy to use, powerful API to automate API updates.

  • Round robin DNS?

    No problem.  We support that.  You can add multiple IP addresses for any domain name.

  • No need to transfer your domain name registrar

    Keep your current domain name registrar.  Just tell your registrar to set Zonomi's name servers for your domains.

  • Integrates with Pingability's DNS fail over

    Pingability's server monitoring service integrates with Zonomi so if a server fails it can automatically change your DNS to point to a different server.

  • Payment options

    • We accept credit card payments.  A minimum 5.00 USD payment applies.
    • We accept Paypal payments as well.
    • We accept wire transfer payments for amounts over $300 (contact us for details).
    • Some credit card issuers may apply an optional issuer surcharge/fee to transactions where the merchant is located outside the country where the customer's credit card was issued.  The surcharge is typically 1-2% of the billed amount.  Zonomi has no control over this.
  • Vanity name servers

    Zonomi lets you use custom (or vanity) name servers. e.g. so you can use ns1.yourdomain.com instead of, say, ns1.zonomi.com.

  • DNSSec

    You can enable DNSSecon your zone to protect your domains from DNS cache poisoning.

  • Apex/bare/root domain Aliases

    Automatically set where you need them. Handy for linking your website to Azure, AWS, or other services (like our own Woop! Host wordpress hosting). Our blog details how the Apex/bare/root domain alias setup works.

Sign up and get:

  • 1 DNS zone (domain name).
  • Up to 10 DNS records.
  • Up to 1 million DNS queries per month.

… for free.