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Vanity name servers on Zonomi

We have a number of customers using vanity name servers with Zonomi.

Vanity name servers are when you have names like ns1.example.com instead of the default ns1.zonomi.com (and ns2.zonomi.com, etc).

They are called vanity name servers since the name resolves to one of Zonomi's name servers and they are not actually standalone, private or dedicated name servers.

Should you use vanity name servers?

The vanity name server name appears in places like whois results.  Most people will never ever see the name or even think to look for it.  And vanity name servers do require extra steps to setup on Zonomi and at your domain registrar.

If you think the perceived benefit outweighs the extra work and complexity then you are able to setup vanity name server on Zonomi (even on free accounts).

Setting up a zone with vanity name servers

First, do a regular zone addition.

Then add in your vanity name servers.  e.g. ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com

Go to the IP address (A) record section of the zone.  Add a record for ns1.yourdomain.com point it to the IP address of ns1.zonomi.com.  Repeat for one other name server.  The IP addresses to use are:

Preferred name servers:

Legacy name servers (to be decommissioned, date TBD):
* ns7.zonomi.com London
* ns8.zonomi.com New York City
* ns9.zonomi.com Auckland

Then go to your domain name registrar, provide them your vanity names.  They will very likely ask you for the IP addresses.  Provide them the IP addresses above.

Then go to the NS records page.  Remove all the zonomi.com name server records.